Can I get an extra dose of will power please?

Sweet treats

THIS last week has been pretty poor on the training front. I have not been on a single run, or done any exercise for that matter, except for a bit of dancing in a Birmingham bar on Saturday night (but I don’t think that counts). I just seem to have lost all my will power to train.

And as for my excessive eating….I haven’t stopped! Why does food that is so bad for you, always look so tempting and taste so good?

In just three days I have gorged on another Nando’s takeaway, birthday cake, crisps and even a naughty chips and cheese takeaway at 1am. Add to that a weekend of unnecessary snacking on chocolates and salted peanuts in between meals and it is a complete recipe for half marathon nutritional failure.

I am slowly realising the hard way that I have an inability to say “no” when it comes to food and in turn I am not giving myself the best diet for getting fit and healthy for this run.  All those delicious cakes and packets of crisps are just so tempting and no matter how hard I try to avoid them, they just seem to call for me to eat them. And regardless of how guilty I feel at the time – I still give in.

At this rate, I’m getting worried that I’ll never be fit enough or properly trained for the Great North Run which is just over three months away.

To get me properly focused and working better on this running routine, I have now printed myself off a 15-week training programme and I am determined to do everything within in my power to stick to it – even it means setting alarms as a reminder and asking my family to literally push me out the door.

There is absolutely no way I am going to crawl over that finish line come September!

One thought on “Can I get an extra dose of will power please?

  1. “…a complete recipe for half marathon failure.”


    She’s here all week, try the veal…(or in your case, tofu)!

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