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Where the madness began

THREE years ago, aged 25, I realised I hadn’t achieved half of what I had wanted by that age.

I had dreams of travelling the world, getting married and going to posh dinner parties and learning to play the guitar. None of which had happened or would happen if I didn’t take some action.

So I put together a list of five things I wanted to do before I turned 30.

With five years to do it all in, five things seemed reasonable.

Things to do Before I’m 30

  1. Run a marathon (full or half)
  2. Travel for three months to somewhere exotic
  3. Write a book
  4. Go to my first festival (Reading/Leeds or Glastonbury)

All seemed achievable within five years with a small amount of forward planning. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ve got plenty of time.”

Oh how wrong I was!!

Now aged 27 I have only managed to tick one (and a half) of these off my list and have crammed it all into 2011. It sure is going to be a hectic year.

So how am I doing with the list…

1. Run a marathon

I have decided to run the Great North Run in September this year. I started running again last year and have found a new love for it. I am quite lucky to live on the edge of a big city so there are some beautiful green fields to jog through which makes it more fun.

I have registered for the GNR and now am just waiting nervously to find out whether I have got a place. Fingers crossed or I will feel like I have failed myself 🙁

Maybe the London Marathon will be on my list of ‘Things to do Before I’m 40’.

2. Travel for three months to somewhere exotic

This one is going to be the most exciting of this year by far. Not quite going for three months, but in March I will be heading off for the biggest adventure of my life to South America.

There is so much to talk about on this I think I need to feature it in a post of its own.

3. Write a book

I hadn’t really thought about this one well. I didn’t quite realise how much time I would need for this and how difficult it would actually be to think of a subject people would be interested in.

I’m not too bothered about ever getting the book published but I have my subject and have started it. It’s not likely to be finished in two years time but I suppose the fact I have started it is an achievement.

4. Go to my first festival

Last year I went to Reading Festival and it was amazing. Me and my sisters spent the weekend in wellies, eating and drinking lots and got very little sleep. We cheated a little though and didn’t camp.

However this year, I have my ticket to Glastonbury sorted and am ready to get the full experience by camping…and I’m petrified!

5. Learn to dance

This is the only one I have managed to tick off my list fully.

Last year I joined a streetdance class. It was completely random and out of character for me but it was great fun. Each week we learnt a new routine and I looked totally stupid trying to look cool and ‘street’. Aside from all the aches and pains I suffered the night after, I am glad I did the classes.


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