Bits and pieces

Goodbye cold, cold England, Hello hot, hot Brazil!


I have packed and re-packed my bag three times in the last three days and I have finally realised a whole new meaning to travelling light.

As a special treat my mum and bibi-ji (grandma) made me some pinia (round Indian savoury treats with nuts, oats and dried fruit) to take with me. Having made me some special flat pack versions my bibi said to me: “No matter what happens on the way or what problems you have, you will be fine as long as you eat these pinia.”

So no matter if Amazonian monkeys try to pick at my hair, I lose my bag somewhere or if I get lost in the wilderness, it doesn’t matter – I have my Indian style flapjacks!

And so with my bibi’s wise words (and pinia in my backpack) I catch my plane out of grey, gloomy London heathrow out to sunny, colourful Rio.

Blog ya later from Rio Carnival!

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